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Search Engine Optimization: A Quick Guide

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Search Engine Optimization:

If I have to give you some quick statistics about the importance of having a higher rank on search results. Then I will tell you that 90% of the traffic on the internet buys or subscribe to services on the results shown on the first page. 8% goes to search results on the second page and the rest 2% goes to the remaining infinite pages. Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests, is a process by which the visibility of a website increases on the search engines. Let us have a look at SEO with how it is done and how it helps a website to rank higher on search results. Google considers more than 200 factors to give the ranking to a website. Therefore, it is always smart to have your website optimized.

How it is done?

SEO focuses on utilizing and targeting keywords which are relevant to the website and its services and products. Keyword utilization is backed up by the keyword analysis with which a list of the most relevant and trending keywords is prepared. These selected keywords are then used for the targeting. One of the major advantages of the SEO is that it can be very directive. You can target a particular region, area or a city where you want your website to rank higher. This process is called Local SEO which targets a particular locality.

Search Engine Optimization is not limited to just up to the keyword analysis. Here we have classified the search engine optimization to understand it in a better way.

Types of Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is classified into two simple categories, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The classification is simple to understand as the optimization is done within the website or not. 

On-page Search Engine Optimization:

On-page SEO optimizes the components such as Meta title, Meta description, Heading, ALT tag, URL, Code analysis etc. The entire process revolves around the elements which are found on the website. Content and graphics of a website play an important role as well.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization:

The keyword analysis and optimization somewhat come under off-page SEO but Off-page SEO is primarily focused on increasing the visibility. It consists of creating backlinks (your website link on various other websites) to your website from reliable platforms. Creating and managing your social media accounts. Developing trustworthy digital PR and so on.

This improves the brand name and brand awareness of your website and drives more traffic to your website. Off-page SEO itself helps the website to rank higher as Google considers this as well.

How long does it take to rank a website in the first page of search results?

With a proper and effective search engine optimization, a website can reach the first page among the search engine result pages (SERPs) in 5 to 6 months. If the competition is low in your industry then it can reach there even in 2 to 3 months.

Is there a faster way to get the SEO work or a cheat code for it?

Yes, there is a faster way with which your website can rank. But, for the obvious reason, that is done violating some of Google’s guidelines and policies. This is called Black-hat SEO and it uses some of the most trending keywords on the internet and by cloaking these keywords on your website which may even not be related to your services. Many SEO companies utilize black-hat SEO to attract customers, however, this Google always keeps an eye on your website and sooner or later it will get suspended from the search engine.  

However, Google just does not suspend any website without giving any prior notice. Google analytics will mail you about the rules or policies your website is violating and if they are not resolved right away then it will most likely to get suspended. The process of getting the ban removed is long and will certainly cost your company a lot, and that is why the shortcut is certainly not the road to be taken.


In the world of growing competition in the market, one must not overlook any opportunity to overshadow their competitors, especially when it comes to the website of your company. Your website is a place where you represent yourself and your ideas to the world, connect with the people and help them communicate with you.

What good all these information would be for if it is not reaching the right customer at the right time. That makes the SEO for your website essential and necessary. If your website is a gasoline then SEO gives it a spark. Even though it takes time but it earns the traffic to your website rather than purchasing it through paid advertisements. You can get the right audience for the right product on your website. Just remember that it is an ongoing process and you have to keep optimizing and updating your website to stay ahead of the competition but the hunger to win the race must not take you to the path of black-hat SEO.

Hope that you find the content relevant and helpful. If I missed out something over here, or you have a query or a suggestion about it, then please let me know in the comment section.

Thank you.

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