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Web development is the processes or the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via the internet. The web development process can involve many processes which are-

  • wireframe creation
  • website layout design
  • web content creation
  • client-side/server-side scripting
  • network security configuration
  • maintenance, and many other tasks.

More or less every website developer proceeds in a similar way. Following the same or similar steps for creating a website. Let us have a look at some of the steps involved in website development.

Research & Planning

Research and planning are inevitable parts of the website development. It helps in understanding the client’s unique requirements, locating the targeted customers, establishing the right strategy, selecting the website size, and website theme etc. The developers proceed with the development of the website after this phase.

Design and Development

This is the most crucial phase of the entire website development process. Developer starts to develop the website right from the scratch. This includes creating a sitemap and wireframe, designing page layouts, creating content, coding, integrating security configuration and other processes.

Testing, Reviewing and Launching

Several tests are run on the website to ensure an error-free functionality, removing bugs, testing the security configuration. The website is reviewed and launched on the internet for the users.

Maintenance and Updates:

Even after the website is launched and is being run over the internet. It may still need timely maintenance and updates to keep the content of the website up to date. This helps in maintaining a bug-free functioning of the website.

How many types of Website Development are available?

Well, there are many types of website development solution available from which a company, organization or an individual can select. Every website development solution will have some advantage over the other. Here are some of the website development solutions-

Responsive Website Design:

Responsive websites can resize itself according to the device on which it is getting accessed. It includes the use of flexible layouts and grids and smart user interface. Responsive websites load fast and ensure better user experience.  

CMS Based Website:

CMS allows to manage and modify the content of your website making it flexible. This provides flexibility and customizability to the website developer in the making changes and updates to the website.

Ecommerce Website Solution:

E-commerce websites are the online store where a company can put their products on sale. There are varieties of e-commerce website solutions from which a company can choose. Those are Woocommerce, Open Cart, Magento and many more.

Domain & Hosting Solutions:

Domain and hosting solutions are the hosting services provided for a website from a third party service provider. This too comes with many options with different disc space, bandwidth, and different features.

What is the need for a website for any Business?

A website is a medium through which a company connects to the world via the internet. A company can list its products, services, offer a discount, provide a channel for communication, and various other advantages can be obtained by a website. A website helps a company in expanding the customer base, retaining old customers and enlisting its achievements.

How long does it take to create a Website?

Development period of any website depends on the requirements of the clients. Website size, features required, amount of content, number of images developed etc. decides the time taken to develop a website. It may take as much as a week to a month in general for completion.

What are the various platforms available for website development?

There are various platforms available for website development such as- Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and other CMS platforms. In recent times Cloud Computing Solutions such as Cloud Hosting, Datacenter, and other cloud services have been incorporated with the website development.

How much the development of website costs?

There are various factors on which the cost of a website depends such as modules, functionality, and features etc. A website which contains lesser pages, content, and graphics will cost lesser. The theme selected for the website also add up in the costing of a website.

Hope that you find the content relevant and helpful. Please let me know in the comment section if I missed out something over here, and/or you have a query or a suggestion about this blog. 

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